When Jianzhong Yang first met internationally acclaimed architect Nonda Katsalidis, the two bonded over a quote from Le Corbusier—the famous Swiss-French pioneer of Modernism.

“If houses were constructed by industrial mass-production, like chassis… a new aesthetic would be formulated with astonishing precision.”

Mutually impressed, the pair were keen to know more about each other’s work and saw the great potential in perfected prefabrication further freeing designers to build ever-more impressive icons.

As a homage to their friendship, Katsalidis has designed Yang’s first major-league Australian property development, AURUM—YOUNG’s $235 million mixed-use residential apartment and hotel complex on the corner of Clarendon and Haigh streets.

AURUM’S golden podium with circular cut-outs sits near street level, with a golden ribbon rising up the blue glass façade, is a very deliberate tribute to their partnership.

“There’s a tradition of responsibility and vision in Melbourne. With every new layer of immigration, that takes it in a different direction. We’ve absorbed it all and gone on to be better.”

Katsalidis expressed his joy in assisting his friend in leaving his positive mark on the City.

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