Q&A with Spring Yang Supporting the Future

The It’s Her Turn Campaign has attracted strong support from the Lauriston community.
One of these supporters is Spring Yang, who leads the Young Group (a diversified property development group). Spring Yang recently shared the story behind her decision to make a gift in support of the building project.

When did your family become part of the Lauriston community?
Our children joined Lauriston in 2018. I chose the school because it was recommended to me by my friends and because of its impressive educational programs and their values. Our children have made significant academic progress since they started and they have participated in a range of co-curricular programs, including dance, drama and swimming.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the school has continued to provide high-quality online classes maintaining clear communication to families at all times, which is highly appreciated. Of course, the children miss their friends and teachers, and we are all looking forward to returning to school.


You recently made a gift in support of Lauriston’s new Sports, Health and Wellbeing Centre. How important do you think it is for girls to be involved in these types of programs?
I believe it’s essential. Health and wellbeing play a crucial role for our girls, both in terms of physical and mental development. Being physically active helps improve mood, reduces stress, helps clear the mind and enhances learning.
Being involved in sports helps girls learn teamwork and the importance of cooperation. It also helps them build confidence.

Why did you decide to make your gift?
My family have always encouraged me to give back and to make a positive contribution to society. I’ve been looking for the right opportunity to give back, so when I learned about Lauriston’s building project, I saw it as a way to support our girls, to help provide facilities they need to learn and grow, and to give back to the community.
Children are the future, and it is important we support them whenever and however we can.

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